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The New World Orderlies Would Hate This Video...
Posted 4/9/17

Hating us Comes Naturally to the Genocidal, Murdering, Abortionistic, Totalitarian, "progressive", malevolent NWO Cabal, then they invert everything as though we are the "haters". NO they are the haters of humankind (after all they KILL unborn children) and are doing everything in their power to rip us all apart... the age old "divide and conquer" chestnut.

Our true divinely acquired nature is represented in the actions/behaviours captured in the images of this video. A nature that is foreign to those that are attempting to engineer the global dystopia known as the "New World Order". Where is the "hate" here? The NWO engineers are doing eveything to crush and smother our loving Godly nature and propagate lies about anyone who is not of their odious cohort but we MUST not allow them to do this.

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Coutesy The Alex Jones Channel

The Sad, Ugly, Brutal Truth Behind the 'New World Order'.
Posted 26/4/2017

This interview is a must see. Please be patient with it as it subtitled and runs for approximately 40mins.

Mystery Babylon is active and alive (pardon the oxymoron) and runs the world. Thankfully, King Jesus Christ has other plans.